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Business Listings of GRINDINGSPINDLES Section.



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Company: 21st century Industrial Superstore
Address: 34-C, Pocket-C, Siddhartha Extn.,New Delhi-110014
Phone:+91-9811024703, +91-11-3943224 Fax:+91-11- 3951093
E-mail: dynamicgroup@vsnl.net Web Site: www.indiamart.com/dynamicgroup
Contact Person: Mohit Gupta Designation: Precision brgs., Ball screws & other parts for Gri

Company: 21st-Century-Dynamic Industrials
Address: 34-C, Pocket-C,Siddhartha Extension,,New Delhi-110014
Phone:+91-9312223839 Fax:+91-11-26345348
E-mail: sales@dynamicindustrials.com Web Site: www.dynamicindustrials.com
Contact Person: Mohit Gupta Designation: Precision Internal Grinding Spindles and other spi

Company: Precision International
Address: 108, Aashirwad, Green Park,New Delhi-110016
Phone:91116513704, 6561687 Fax:91116851390, 6512940
E-mail: PI@italiantech.com Web Site: 
Contact Person:  Designation: 

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