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Business Listings of ROLLED Section.



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Address: G-516 to 518 , Road No 9 A, Vishwakarma Industrial Area,Jaipur-302013
Phone:91-141-2331716 Fax:91-141-2332563
E-mail: agrasenengg@satyam.net.in Web Site: www.agrasenengg.com
Contact Person: Mr Namit Agarwal Designation: Director

Company: Kuhu Industries
Address: A-301/B, Road No. 15,V.K.I.Area,Jaipur-302013-
Phone:91-141-330483 Fax:91-141-330483
E-mail:  Web Site: 
Contact Person: Mr.Ajay Kochar Designation: 

Company: Shri Niwas Udyog
Address: A-189/D, Road No. 1/D,V.K.I.Area,Jaipur-302013-
Phone:91-141-332621, 365214 Fax:91-141-335165
E-mail:  Web Site: 
Contact Person: Mr.Braham Prakash Bhutra Designation: 

Company: Sushil Metal Industries
Address: G-457/B, Road No. 12,V.K.I.Area,Jaipur-302013-
Phone:91-141-330883 Fax:
E-mail:  Web Site: 
Contact Person: Mr.Vimal Agarwal Designation: 

Company: Techno Engineering Industries
Address: A-187-B, Road No.6, V.K.I Area,,Jaipur-302013
Phone:260341, 331141 Fax:
E-mail: techno_eng@email.com Web Site: 
Contact Person: Mr. Ravi Gupta Designation: 

Company: Turn N Turn
Address: F-805, Road No. 13,V.K.I.Area,Jaipur-302013-
Phone:91-141-330121, 331521 Fax:
E-mail:  Web Site: 
Contact Person: Mr.A.K.Agarwal Designation: 

Company: Vivek Industries
Address: G-133A, Road No. 12,V.K.I.Area,Jaipur-302013-
Phone:91-141-331274, 332639 Fax:
E-mail:  Web Site: 
Contact Person: Mr.R.C.Sharma Designation: 

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