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Advertisement On Bearingsindustry.com

Bearingsindustry.com is the  only portal which is referred and viewed by professionals from Industries, bearings users and stake holders to this industry.


We offer a very low cost and effective advertisement plan, which is sure to reach your audience.

Price-list for Advertisement

For main Home Page
Top Corner :           Rs.1,650 Per Month    (US $30)
                                    Rs.11,000 Per Year      (US $200)
Bottom Corner:      Rs.1,375 Per Month    (US $25)
                                   Rs.9,900 Per Year      (US $180)
Bottom Center:      Rs.1,100 Per Month    (US $20)
                                   Rs.8,250 Per Year      (US $150)
For Subsequent Pages:
                                   Rs.825 Per Month      (US $15)
                                   Rs.5500 Per Year      (US $100)


*** All the advertisers will also be listed free under Category B. ***

*** The above rates and scheme is subject to change without prior notification. ***


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