General Information About Bearings

One of the greatest invention of all time is "WHEEL". It was wheel which gave mobility to the ancient civilization which led to the development of man kind.

But this mobility and progress was too slow because man was not able to overcome the force called friction---Force which opposes motion.

Bearings Industry
Bearings Industry

The most successful and practical solution for eliminating the friction was use of BEARINGS---a device which reduces friction and enhances the motion between objects. The use of bearing is so much prominent in today's modern life that we can see its usage in furniture's, instruments, Computers, Rockets, Robots, Automobiles and what not..

The exact origin of Bearings is not known, but the principle on which they operate has been applied by man for thousands of years, Before "Rolling Elements" bearing, efforts were made to use plain type bearings. Since than, continuous efforts were made to develop suitable Bearing, which can minimize frictional losses. In Europe, the application of such bearing was found in the late 18th Century. On top of church, a weather cock weighing about 180 Kgs. was supported by a thrust bearing consisting rollers, races and cage.

Since then Bearing is under constant development. In modern world of today, it is the pioneering works of Professor Stribeck, a German scientist, that led to development of bearings which were having less friction, high load bearing capacity, accurate dimensions etc.