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Business Listings of the Registered Manufacturers and Vendors.

How to Get Listed!

How This Listing will help you?

How to get listed?

Register today to get yourself on Bearingsindustry.com and reap profits by being on the world wide net. Just fill the form and complete the details.

There are three different categories of registration on Bearingsindustry.com so that we can have all types of listing under different categories.

  • Main Features of Category A:

    1. Registration Charges of Rs. 5000/- or $ 150.00 USD only for a period of one year.

    2. One Exclusive domain name (www.yourcomopanyname.com) 

    3. 5 web pages including home page, company profile, product profile, contact detail and enquiry cum feedback form which will be received directly on your email.

    4. 5-10 Images

    5. One full web page with 3 picture on our dedicated to your area of business in www. bearingsindustry.com as manufacturer or suppliers. (Free of cost)

    6. 10 MB Server Space on Windows 2003 Server

    7. 1 email account (xyz@yourcompanyname.com)

    8. Listing on free web search engines

    9. 3 months Free updation of the website 

  • Main Features of Category B:

    1. Registration charges of Rs.1000-/ or $ 40.00 USD only, for a period of one year.

    2. One full web page with one picture on our site dedicated to your area of business in bearings as manufacturer and suppliers.

    3. Will be displaying your full contact communication address and link to your website if you have a website.

  • Click here to Get yourself registered now..


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