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Business Listings of the Registered Manufacturers and Vendors.

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Bearingsindustry.com---The Only Vertical Portal in the world which is dedicated to Bearing Industry and Bearing Business.
It's for all the individuals and / or Industries which are directly or indirectly related to Bearing Industry. The major features of this vortal (Vertical Portal) are listed below:-

  • All About Bearings:- This is a Knowledge Bank on Bearings-Know what are the different types of Bearings and what are its features, technical specifications etc.

  • Bearing Search:- One of the most innovative utility of this site, if you are looking for dimensions of a particular bearing than no need to flip the pages of your bearing handbook---just click on Bearing Search at bearingsindustry.com and get the dimensions of the bearing you are looking for.

  • Bearing Exchange:- You are having a surplus of particular Bearing in your inventory; and you want to sell it off but not able to find a suitable buyer---Put your requirements here and get what you want.Same goes for the prospective buyers. Or in case you are searching availability of a critical non standard bearing, this exchange will help you to find out the source and other details like make, availability etc.

  • Information Services:- Here in this section you will be getting the best of the news related to new projects on bearing, tender information, other technical information etc.

  • Industry Profile:- This will be giving you the brief information regarding the bearing industry. The market size, Major players, the demand factors etc. all are listed in a user-friendly manner.

  • Component Industries:-It lists plant & machinery suppliers, users and vendors.

  • Bearing Health:- Know how to maintain all your Bearings, proper mounting, lubrication and increase life and efficiency of all your equipments.

  • Trade Enquiries:- Manufacturer Listings / Vendors:- There are 3 Categories under which you can get yourself listed on this site and get noticed by the whole world and increase your business.


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